Weird wasps stories – Chesham-Uxbridge-Amersham-Watford

I was recently called to a house in Chesham where the owner kept finding dead wasps by their patio doors In there living room and did not know where they where coming from. I could not find a nest anywhere I looked in the garden, in the loft even next door. So I called a colleague of mine to come and help. He was at a loss too, but as we where standing in the living room staring at about 20 dead wasps on the floor next to the patio doors, a wasp came buzzing from behind us and flew straight into the patio doors.

We turned around and moved a sofa and found a tiny hole in the wall. There used to be a fire place which had been blocked up with plaster board. The wasps had made a nest in the top of the chimney and had chewed their way through the wall. They were killed by drying up in the magnified sun from the patio doors when trying to escape. We blocked up the hole and then we were able to deal with the nest.