Bed bugs treatment

Bed bugs can live anywhere as long as it is cloth, wood and paper. They are usually found on bedrooms for them to feed themselves at night. They are found in cracks and crevices of bed frames.   Preparation What you need to do before treatment begins: Remove all bed lining and clothes and wash all at a temperature of at least 60c and place in a sealed plastic bag. Non-clothing items such as shoes, papers, books, suitcases, wooden hangers, DVD’s and CD’s must also be removed and placed in clear plastic bags.     Any stuffed toys must be tumbled dried at a high heat. Empty all draws and cupboards to make inspection and treatment easier. The better the preparation the more effective the treatment!!   TREATMENT We start by doing thorough inspections of all rooms; this begins with the bedroom and bed. We did a detailed search looking for the signs of bed bugs in all areas. The treatment begins with a water based chemical spray, all cracks and crevices will be treated. Areas where it is not possible to use a water based spray other methods will be used such as aerosols, steam and powders will be used. We recommend any heavily infested beds or mattresses are throw out and burnt if possible. After treatment has taken place do not enter room(s) for at least 1 hour and do not enter rooms that are being treated as the technicians are using chemicals that could be harmful to your health. We recommend a follow up treatment in 2-4 weeks after treatment has taken place.  All our technicians are professionally trained and BPCA qualified.  For a quote please call us on: 01494 410880 or 01923 205756