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Without effective control,pests have the potential to:• Increase contamination andspread disease• Cause costly damage to yourProperty, product or stockheld• Destroy your reputationPrevent contaminationand diseaseIf you followed a fly for a day, youwouldn’t want to eat for a week!Insects, rodents and birds can easily contaminatefood, operational equipment and work surfaceswith their excreta, hairs or body parts, giving riseto ‘foreign body’ complaints.Many carry bacteria or possiblyparasites which may bepassed on to humans, increasingthe public healthrisk.Safeguard your investmentPests can reduce the value ofraw materials and supplies!Rats and mice have caused serious fires by gnawingaway the insulation around electrical cables,floods by puncturing pipes and could simply eatfrom a wide variety of stock material.Insect infestations can be expensive too. They canhalt production processes, cause whole consignmentsto be rejected, lead to full product recalls or,worse, the loss of contracts.Bird droppings from pigeons and starlings willcause buildings to become unsightly while theirnests can block guttering or chimney flu’s and evenact as an insect reservoir.Protect your reputationYour reputation and business may never recoverfrom a pest infestation.Prosecutions and fines for pest-infested premisesare guaranteed to make the news headlines,frightening customers away. Lost business meanslost profits—there are many situations where lossof consumer confidence has forcedbusinesses toclose.Keep on right side of the lawThe Health and Safety at Work Act ensures thatthe working environment does not contain anyhazards that may affect the health of employees.In the food sector, the Food Safety Act goes furtherto cover any vehicles used to carry food, aswell as the production process for the food itself.Due diligence requires that premises are kept aspest-free as is practicable.The penalties for failure tocomply can be severe -complete and immediateclosure of premises; fines of upto £20,000 or up to six monthsin prison!