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Fleas can make pets lives miserable, and spread disease and illness to humans beings. We’re often asked what spray, drug, dip, or shampoo works  best to get rid of them. Unfortunately there is no single method or insecticide to completely eradicate (or even control) a flea problem.

The strategy we’ve seen work best in many different environments is a multi-attack strategy. It works like this:

Firstly we identify the source of the infestation and deal with that directly. This may take a specific approach, or a variety of means of attack depending upon the situation. We’ve seen many different situations and have a broad range of experience we are able to deploy from dealing with each.

Secondly we deal with the subject of the attack. In the case of pets we have safe, effective remedies for eradicating animal-borne fleas without harming ones pets; for clothing, drapes and other fabrics we have safe and effective cleaning agents that will kill fleas and their eggs. Carpets should be steam cleaned within 24 hours of source eradication.

Finally we investigate the immediate vicinity of the premises to identify possible ingress sources from the wider environment. This can differ quite widely between residences and business premises and require substantially different approaches for control. Within this step, however, we will provide information on the responsibility of the local council, landlords, etc, in controlling wider sources of infestation.

Regional Pest Services has extensive experience in dealing with flea infestations in offices, hotels, pubs and other business premises as well as many years of flea fumigation in houses and residential premises.

If you belive you have a flea infestation, don’t hesitate to give us a call!