Bird Free Fire Gel

At regional pest services we have been trialing an exciting new pigeon proofing product (although it can be use for any bird) called bird free fire gel. The company that develop the gel claim that it has been used in Korea for the past 4 years and it works because to birds the gel looks like fire, to the human eye it simply looks like orange/yellow jelly but to birds which see in ultra violet (UV) it appears to them as fire. To us this seemed like outlandish claims so we decided to trail it on a couple of sites before we recommended to product to customers. To our surprise it WORKED. A customer of ours had a pigeon problem and because the building which had the problem had won awards for design they did not wont any spiking or netting, so we tried the fire gel to see the results, and six months later still no pigeon problem. we also tried it on a site that had a heavier level of infestation, where pigeons where using it as a roosting site and it has worked there too. The Gel is perfect for places where netting or spiking is not possible. It can also used in trees. Its not toxic and can used in all weather conditions, it lasts up to 2 years but other case studies have shown it to still be effective up to 4 years. We would recommend servicing the gel every 2 years it can still be more cost effective than expensive netting. For more information call us on: 01494 410880 or email us at: [email protected]
Check out the video link below: